Strawberry plants aren’t fussy, but they do require some light maintenance. With the proper care, your plants will stay strong and vigorous and provide you with a plentiful harvest of delicious, juicy fruit!  

Strawberries need water:

Water regularly during the fruit-bearing period to ensure plants are never dry.

  • Do not let the soil dry out between waterings.
  • Water early in the morning and avoid wetting the foliage

The importance of mulching plants properly

Not only does mulch reduce weed control, but it retains moisture in the soil.

  • Spread a natural mulch after transplanting in order to be able to pick “clean” strawberries.
  • Weed regularly.

Fertilize strawberry plants:

Use a fertilizer rich in organic matter with potassium to increase fruit set and fructification.

  • In containers, fertilize before and after harvesting with a natural fertilizer.
  • In the garden, add a generous amount of compost before planting.
  • Four to six weeks later, spread out natural fertilizer.

When to prune strawberry plants:

Strawberry plants put out runners with plantlets at the end, which will take root over time. The new plants will take energy from the main, or adult plant, which results in smaller fruit. So, to avoid plant depletion, you will want to control the number of runners you allow to grow according to the number of new plants you want the following season.

  • In containers, cut the runners to concentrate the energy on the main plant
  • In the ground, let the runners take root and produce a few leaves. Cut and replant in soil rich in organic matter.

Protect strawberry plants:

  • In the spring, cover plants when frost is still a risk.
  • During the season, cover with a net to prevent birds from devouring everything.
  • In the fall, cover plants with a protective layer of straw or mulch.

Diseases and pests that affect strawberries:

Keep an eye on your strawberry plants in the spring and at the end of the season when humidity is high.

  • Diseases: powdery mildew (white), leaf spots, purple spots, root rot and gray mould.
  • Pests: root weevils in strawberries, spotted wing drosophila, white grubs and tarnished plant bugs.

What to do in the fall with strawberries

  • Cut off damaged and dead leaves
  • Cut the runners once well rooted in the ground, keeping the roots on the plant and replant in rich soil
  • Add compost to the soil
  • Cover with a good layer of mulch