The art of combining beauty and functionality in the garden

Broad-leaved or coniferous trees and shrubs wear many hats in the garden. They can stand out as a featured plant in your landscaping, create welcome shade on a hot day, help conceal something you want hidden from view, or simply be beautiful!

When planted to form a hedge, they can delineate your property, mark a pathway, separate a section of the garden or act as a windbreak. Furthermore, they provide protection and food for a multitude of species of birds and small animals.

You need to put a lot of thought into tree planting, since trees can live for a long time and, depending on the species, grow to a significant size. Broad-leaved or fruit-bearing trees, conifers, dwarf trees, shrubs grafted into a tree form: the huge variety of species and cultivars means you can choose the type and size to suit all your needs.