Captivating perennials

Do you dream of your own gorgeous flower beds that you can enjoy for years to come? You should consider planting perennials.

Perennials are vast in number, with plants and flowers to satisfy virtually all tastes, for every corner of the garden and every type of soil. Grasses, climbing plants, rose bushes, daisies, lavender: there are literally thousands of plants to be used in borders, flowerbeds, and rock gardens. Certain perennials stand out due to their spectacular flowers, others because of their ornamental leaves, wonderful fruit or autumn colours. Many perennials can boast more than one main attraction.

Stagger the flowering periods of the perennials you choose so you can enjoy an uninterrupted parade of flowers all summer long.

It is indeed possible to become attached to your perennials, and you’ll find yourself impatient to see them return next spring!