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Materials to transform into organic mulch are right there in your own backyard! 

If you’re maintaining an eco-friendly garden, sometimes the best option is to recycle what your garden has already produced.

  • Lawn clippings: after you’ve mowed the lawn, make use of the clippings by applying thin layers under shrubs and hedges and to open surfaces of the vegetable garden;
  • Dead leaves: shred fallen leaves to spread as an effective mulch around the trunks of fruit trees and shrubs;
  • Pine needles: “pine straw” acts as an effective carpet-like ground cover for areas between trees and in flowerbeds around rhododendrons and azaleas;
  • Straw bales: put these leftover Halloween decorations to good use by covering vegetable garden pathways with straw in the spring and spreading straw between vegetable plants.

Note: although recycled mulch is effective in most of the vegetable garden, do not spread it around onion, garlic, and leek plants.

Eco-friendly ground cover

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