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Hemerocallis 'Primal Scream'

Primal Scream' Daylily

Hémérocalle Primal Scream

Award-winning and extremely popular, these daylilies make a statement. Literally a scream of flaming tangerine orange, gold-dusted blooms spanning 7-8 inches, they are absolute stunners. Flowers are officially classified as having an “unusual form,” because the petals are narrow, slightly twisted and recurved with ruffled edges. On tall, graceful scapes that rise from glossy arching foliage, flowers unfurl their glorious beauty for just one day, thus their name. Hard to believe, but these perennials are fairly rugged flowers, quick to establish and able to withstand poor soils and urban environments. Tough, drought tolerant and pest resistant, they require minimal care. Blooms from mid to late summer. Plants can grow to 34 inches and spread slowly via rhizomes to 18-24 inches. They thrive in full or partial sun and are well-suited to perennial flower beds, borders, and even containers. Much loved by butterflies and hummingbirds. Remove ‘day old’ blooms, and when all the flowers on a scape have bloomed, cut back the scape close to the ground.

Plant details
SunnyPartial ShadeShade
85 cm
45 - 60 cm
5 - 8

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