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Bidens ferulifolia Golden Empire

Peter's Gold Carpet

Bidens Golden Empire

With soft, almost gorse-like yellow flowers, these plants spread easily and can generate a patch of something very like a rug of nodding gold. It works just as well as a pot of gold, cascading over a basket or hanging pot. A short-lived perennial grown as an annual, it boasts an abundant bloom of five-petalled flowers on stems above deep green foliage from late spring to mid-fall. The name is from the Swiss gardener who discovered it, although the species is native to Southwestern US and Mexico. Fast growing, drought-tolerant, plants will grow to a little over a foot high. They produce seeds that catch on to passing creatures with two hooking extensions, which looked like teeth to the namers of their genus Bidens, but they are attractive to butterflies and bees, especially late in the season. Also known as Apache Beggarticks.

Plant details
SunnyPartial ShadeShade
10 -15 cm
25 - 30 cm
7 - 9

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