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Actinidia arguta ꞌMeaderꞌ / ꞌChung Baiꞌ COMBO

Meader / Chung Bai Hardy Kiwi COMBO

Kiwi combo ꞌMeaderꞌ (mâle) / ꞌChung Baiꞌ (femelle)

Completely different from the kiwis you’ll find in the fresh fruit aisle of your local supermarket. This is a new cold-hardy variety that combines the female plant – Chung Bai – with the male pollinator – Meader. Chung Bai is an Arctic Kiwi cultivar selected from plants in Korea to develop vigorous, productive, and hardy vines able to withstand cold temperatures. In spring, vines produce white flowers with a delightful Lily-of-the-Valley fragrance. Foliage is typically variegated, green with splotches of white. Fruit is smooth-skinned and grows like grapes, averaging 2 in. in size. These kiwis tend to be sweeter than other non-hardy varieties, and they should be picked before they are fully ripened. Vines can be trained to climb a trellis or pergola, thus doubling as an excellent privacy screen. Plant in loamy, well-drained soil where it will be protected from strong winds. Delicious fresh, fruit can also be used in jams and juices or as candied fruit. An excellent source of vitamin C and potassium!

Plant details
Fruit Trees and Small-Fruit Plants
SunnyPartial ShadeShade
6 feet

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