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Ficus carica 'Chicago Hardy'

Chicago Hardy Fig

Figuier à fruits 'Chicago Hardy'

As its origin suggests, this variety of fig tree is hardy and reliable. Not only a fine ornamental pot plant or strong tree growing to 30 feet when permitted outside, it also produces an enormous crop of plump, delicious figs, beginning its first year! Pruned back to pot dimensions indoors, the tree will still produce high-quality, rich, juicy, sweet figs. It is self-pollinating, and extremely cold-hardy. Ripe figs have a dark mahogany to deep purple colour, pear-shaped, with flesh the colour of pale strawberries. Leaves are large, medium green, with pronounced lobes, making this an interesting plant even before it fruits.  Plant in well-drained soil. The cold-hardy fig tree is also pest and disease-resistant.

Plant details
Fruit Trees and Small-Fruit Plants
SunnyPartial ShadeShade
10 - 15 pi
9 - 12 pi

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