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Humulus lupulus 'Sumner Shandy'

Summer Shandy Hop Vine

Houblon doré 'Sumner Shandy'

Summer Shandy is an ornamental vine, as opposed to the commercial hops vines grown for harvesting purposes. The foliage is the attraction. Leaves open yellowish green in the spring then mature to a beautiful golden yellow, ideal as a contrast colour in the garden or landscape. A vigorous and fast-growing perennial, it grows 5-10 feet tall and requires a support structure to climb, such as a trellis, arbor, pergola or another structure you’d prefer to cover up. Lengths of wire or string are also sufficient, but not a wall, since this is a ‘twining vine’ that climbs by its shoots, rather than suckers or tendrils. Full to partial sun is required. Butterflies like hops, and deer do not, owing to the mildly prickly stems which irritate the skin on some people. In the fall, cone-like strobiles will develop, which can add decorative interest in the winter after the vine has died down to the ground.

Plant details
SunnyPartial ShadeShade
150 - 300 cm
45 - 60 cm

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