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Laurus nobilis 'Sicilian Sunshine'

Sicilian Sunshine Sweet bay

Laurier Doré  'Silician Sunshine'

Grow your own bay leaves! Best grown in a pot that can be placed indoors over the winter, this colourful evergreen foliage-herb shrub has bright yellow-green leaves on red stems and is beautiful as an accent plant. Grown in a pot, it will reach a maximum height of 6 feet. Also known as sweet bay laurel, you can harvest the leaves once the shrub is a few years old and after the leaves have dried for a few days, use them as you would the bay leaves you buy in the store. The fresh ones will have a deeper flavour, more fragrant. Sweet Bay is native to the Mediterranean where it grows as a small tree.

Plant details
Vegetables and Herbs
SunnyPartial ShadeShade
120 - 300 cm
180 - 300 cm
10 - mai

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