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Cornus alba 'Neon Burst'

Neon Burst' Dogwood

Cornouiller 'Neon Burst'

This deciduous shrub is an all-round beauty with the emphasis on autumn. New leaves emerge in spring with a coppery bronze tinge on lovely, rich red stems, then transition to yellow-chartreuse in the summer. The foliage takes a star turn in September, as the pointy leaves turn gorgeous shades of gold, red and deep purple. The showy, scarlet-red stems provide a splash of colour in the winter, making this a truly four-season stunner. Extremely versatile, you can use this Dogwood as an accent plant, in mass plantings, for a hedge or general garden use. An easy keeper with a compact form, you can prune at any time. Generally adaptable, it prefers a moist, well-drained and slightly acidic soil. Good sun tolerance.

Plant details
Shrubs, Conifers and Blooming Shrubs
Zone2 - 7
120 - 150 cm
120 - 150 cm

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