Dense shade

Acer-platanoides-Princeton-Gold-72d5p-030606ka030_300d4pAcer platanoides 'Princeton Gold'

'Princeton Gold' Maple

This honourable representative of the Norwegian maples features a large, round crown that throws a very refreshing shade. Its distinctive fluorescent-yellow foliage that emerges in spring puts the sun to shame! In summer, its leaves morph to green-tinged yellow before returning to their golden colour in fall. Unlike most yellow-leafed trees, this maple is not burned by direct sunlight. Slow grower. Zone 4.

Hauteur  = 10 to 12 m   Longueur  = 8 to 10 m 

Acer-platanoides-Royal-Red-Ret-72d6pAcer platanoides 'Royal Red

'Royal Red' Maple

This well-known cultivar is prized for its beautiful wine-red foliage that resists both diseases and insect attack. Like all Norwegian maples, it has a superficial root system, but unlike the others it’s not an invasive or excluding one. Its profile is globe-like with a large, regular crown composed of very dense foliage that creates the most impenetrable of shadows. Bright yellow flower bunches bud in spring, creating a rather startling contrast with its shiny, dark, wine-red leaves. Slow-growing. Zone 4.

Hauteur  = 10 to 13 m   Longueur  = 8 to 10 m 

Acer-Autumn-Blaze-72d6p-111028kc034_retAcer x freemanii 'Autumn Blaze

'Autumn Blaze' Maple

The Freeman maples, which were discovered at the end of the sixties by nurseryman Glenn Jeffers are hybridized from the red maple (A. rubrum) and the Silver Maple (A. saccharinum). It inherited the best of its parents: the robust structure, striking form and spectacular autumn colours of the red maple, as well as the exceptional adaptive capacity and quick growth of the Silver Maple. Its rising branches form a large, extremely dense oval, and its mid-green leaves with their 5 deep, pointed lobes are spectacularly coloured with variations from reddish orange to scarlet in the fall. This cultivar produces few flowers and therefore almost no fruit. Once established, it tolerates damp soils or relative dryness. Zone 3.

Hauteur  = 12 to 17 m   Longueur  = 9 to 13 m 

Medium Shade

Acer-Drummondii-72d5p-041019kb019Acer platanoides 'Drummondii'

'Drummondii' Maple

Thanks to its variegated bright green leaves with their white borders that enhance any landscape, we excuse this tree its minor transgressions. In its dense, leafy, rounded crown, you’ll sometimes espy a branch without variegated leaves developing. If so, cut it off immediately to maintain the tree’s unique colouring. To prevent leaf-burn, avoid planting in very dry soil or very sunny locations. Also, do not plant where it will be swept by strong winter winds. Slow growing. Zone 4.

Hauteur  = 8 to 10 m   Longueur  = 6 to 8 m 

Horse-chestnut Tree

The flowering of this Balkan tree is marvellous. A large number of umbels appear on mature trees in June, to be followed in autumn by inedible, spiky chestnuts that prove irresistible to squirrels. The rounded oval of the crown casts a deep shadow for many years, until its main branches spread at maturity to let light through. Its large palmate leaves are composed of 7 leaflets that turn from dark green to golden yellow in the autumn. Zone 4.

Hauteur  = 16 to 20 m   Longueur  = 12 to 15 m 

Ginko-biloba-98965130BX-72d6pGinkgo biloba

Maidenhair Tree

The Ginkgo is a 270-million-year-old living fossil: the only extant taxon in the division Ginkgophyta, the oldest division of trees on the earth. It can live up to 1000 years, and is untroubled by insects or disease. It’s green, fan-like leaves turn golden yellow in fall. After many years, the females may produce seeds if fertilized by the pollen of a nearby male Ginkgo. Very slow grower. Zone 3 b.

Hauteur  = 15 to 25 m   Longueur  = 8 to 12 m 

Light shade

GLEDITSIA-SUNBURST-72d6p-030606ka037Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis 'Sunburst'

‘Sunburst’ Honey Locust

The Sunburst’s semi-erect, spreading branches form an irregular crown that’s easily recognizable in winter. During the clement season, the leaves with their 30 yellow leaflets allow easy identification. It casts a very light, dappled shadow within which your semi-shade perennials will happily grow. Moderate growth-rate. Zone 4.

Hauteur  = 8 to 12 m   Longueur  = 10 to 12 m