Dense shade

Syringa reticulata Ivory Silk 72d5p01Syringa reticulata 'Ivory Silk'

'Ivory Silk' Japanese lilac

Due to its unusually upright trunk and dense pyramidal crown, this is a polyvalent tree: specimen tree, in a mixed bed, in a row as a shade tree, on the edge of your patio or terrace… In the summer it produces creamy white, subtly perfumed flowers in broad panicles up to 30 cm long. Moderate growth rate.

Hauteur  = 6 to 8 m   Longueur  = 4 to 6 m 

TILIA-CORDATA-CORZAM-72d5p-070919ka003Tilia cordata Corinthian® (Syn. : T. c. 'Corzam')

'Corinthian' Linden

This pyramidal, upright Linden grows into a very uniform, compact shape that doesn’t need trimming. Its pretty, toothed leaves – which are smaller, thicker and shinier than those of other lindens – turn from dark green to a spectacular gold with tints of orange and yellow in autumn, forming a striking contrast with the dark bark of the trunk and branches. Moderate growth rate. Zone 3.

Hauteur  = 12 to 14 m   Longueur  = 4 to 5 m 

Medium shade

Amelanchier-canadensis-72d6p-52847_200_04Amelanchier Canadensis

Serviceberry or Saskatoon Berry

In spring, its branches are covered in thousands of starry white flowers, quickly followed by green leaves. In summer, the delicious, edible, blueberry-like fruit appears… as do flocks off gourmand birds. In autumn foliage turns red, orange and yellow before dropping to reveal a stunning skeleton of branches covered in a grey bark that glistens against winter snow. Moderate growth-rate. Zone 3.

Hauteur  = 6 to 8 m   Longueur  = 3 to 5 m 

Amelanchier-Spring-Flurry-72d6pQMAmelanchier 'Spring Flurry'

'Spring Flurry' Serviceberry

Otherwise virtually indistinguishable from the common-or-garden serviceberry, Spring Flurry sports bluish leaves and a less regular profile. But it does perform differently, requiring less pruning and having stronger branches that resist breaking. Nevertheless, it is less hardy and far less tolerant of damp soil. Moderate growth-rate. Zone 4.

Hauteur  = 7 to 9 m   Longueur  = 4 to 6 m 
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