Columnar tree shape

Acer rubrum 'Armstrong'

'Armstrong' Red Maple

This tree stands out from other maples due to its decidedly upright, rather columnar bearing. Abundant bunches of red flowers adorn the branches in early spring before the flower buds have a chance to open. These are followed by the attractive red samaras so beloved of birds and small mammals. The lobed leaves stay green throughout the summer only to turn bright yellow, red and orange in autumn. Rapid growth rate. Zone 4.

Hauteur  = 15 to 18 m   Longueur  = 4 to 7 m 
Ginko-biloba_Princeton Ginkgo biloba 'Princeton Sentry'

'Princeton Sentry' Maidenhair tree

'Princeton Sentry' is a male cultivar that produces no fruit. With its upright, conical form it makes an ideal shade or street tree. This ginkgo doesn’t lose its leaves until autumn has coloured them bright golden yellow, after which they quickly fall to the ground and form a golden carpet. Ginkgos prefer damp, sandy, well-drained soil but tolerate a wide range of soil conditions including compacted. Slow growing. Zone 3b.

Hauteur  = 10 to 15 m   Longueur  = 5 to 8 m 
QuercusRobur-Fastigiata-72d6p-98965151BX Quercus robur 'Fastigiata'

'Fastigiata' Oak

In winter, this tapering tree retains its leaves, which turn a caramel brown, adding a bit of colour to a snowbound landscape. In summer, the extremely upright branches are covered in thick, dark green leaves. In groups or rows, its slightly triangulated, slender columns are high enough to cast a dense shadow as the sun goes down. This specimen requires little upkeep, adapts to various well-drained soils and tolerates urban conditions. Moderate growth rate. Zone 4.

Hauteur  = 15 to 18 m   Longueur  = 3 to 5 m 
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