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Vertical gardening allows you to cultivate plants on the patio, the balcony or the deck. Maximize limited spaces and grow vegetables and herbs in the city.

Space is more and more at a premium, which makes vertical gardening a fast-growing trend for those who want to maximize their results. Manufacturers have been encouraged to use their imagination in designing products to help you grow a garden just about anywhere and use every square inch of available space.


On the deck, balcony, or on any vertical structure, Enjoy planters can be stacked to form three- story structures or even pyramids. A good/fun way to maximize your growing.

  • Resistant to frost and UV rays, they are ideal for the rigours of our climate here in Quebec.
  • Equipped with a water reservoir, they help ensure moist soil for your plants and flowers.

Italia Planter with lattice

Climbing plants are classics for creating stunning visual effects in the garden. With the Italia Planter, you have the best of all worlds! With this container and integrated trellis, you can grow clematis, vines, hops, honeysuckle, and about as many plants as you wish. This is an excellent option for:

  • The balcony, especially if you want to create some privacy;
  • The deck;
  • Sectioned-off areas in the yard, particularly if you want to grow a small vegetable garden. Cucumbers, tomato plants, beans, peas and squash will find in this type of container all the space and support they need to grow.
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