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Containers adapt to your yard, deck and balcony. They can lay on the ground, hang on a railing or the wall. Grow vegetables, plants and flowers everywhere

Install your plant arrangements on the ground, on railings, on the wall: everywhere! The realm of the possible has expanded so much. This new generation of containers are multi-use and multi-purpose, adaptable to your yard, deck or balcony.

The Teraplast Collection

Remarkable for their durability and design, these are perfect for growing annuals and herbs. Theydeliver in a huge way on style, which is important on a small balcony or deck. Custom look without custom price!

  • Available in a huge range of colours and shapes.
  • Made of colourful plastic, they are weather resistant for great performance outdoors.
  • They can be placed on the ground or on various surfaces, such as tables or stairs.

The round Hydral pot is hooked onto a railing, grid structure, or lattice with a support.

The square Still container and rectangular Aqua plant container are raised Basilio planters.

The Capri Collection

Made of plastic, these planters were designed to be used on the deck, patio or balcony. Available in traditional shapes or ‘balcony style’ rail planters that fit directly over the railing.

  • Round flowerbox planters with brackets.
  • Square,rectangular, pedestal, urn-shaped, tall, or elongated planters.

Ninfea Pots and Planters

Ninfea pots and planters harmonize with all decors. Their matte colours and pure lines highlight the natural beauty of your plants.

  • Made of moulded plastic, frost and UV-resistant.
  • Available equipped with a water reservoir or matching saucer.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Veneza Balcony Planters

Available in a huge range of colours, Veneza balcony planters are a perfect choice for spectacular flower arrangements.

  • Made of lightweight plastic, durable, and easy to clean.
  • Frost and UV-resistant.
  • Round or rectangular containers with brackets and drip tray.
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