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Wood shaving are increasingly popular for play areas, replacing traditional sand. 

Wood shaving absorb shocks, which makes them an ideal choice for a children’s play area. They also create a beautiful natural carpet wherever they’re used. Made from hardwood lumber put through a chipper, these chips are very eco-friendly. In addition to suppressing weeds and regulating soil temperatures, wood chips will decompose after a few years, feeding the soil with nutrient-rich organic matter.

Wood shaving ground cover

Specific applications

  • As a thick layer of protection in play areas;
  • As mulch in shrub beds;
  • As mulch in very large flowerbeds;
  • On paths in the vegetable garden.

Although wood shaving boast many qualities, they are not suitable for locations where wind is a factor since they are relatively light weight.

Installation and maintenance

  • Wait until the ground has completely thawed before applying this mulch around plants;
  • Apply a thick layer, approximately 10 to 15 cm. Playground wood chips may be layered as deep as you wish.
  • Given their lightness, it is recommended that you layer wood chips where there is shelter from strong winds.
  • If located away from moisture, wood chips may last for several years. You can refresh the surface by adding extra chips whenever needed.
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