Affordable and effective for large flowerbeds 

RCW refers to the wood chips from small to medium-sized green branches up to 7 cm in diameter. RCW is high in nutrients, an excellent “soil builder,” promotes the growth of soil fungi and activates the biological life of the soil.

During the decomposition process, RCW releases more nutrients than either regular wood chips or hemlock and cedar mulch. The ensuing nutrient-rich humus is excellent for improving soil structure.

As with all mulches, it is very effective in suppressing weeds, for conserving soil moisture and for promoting rainwater penetration.

Ramial chipped wood ground cover

Effective for large beds

Generally speaking, RCW is used for large-scale projects involving trees and shrubs. Affordability is a definite plus.

  • Use around tree trunks;
  • In shrub beds;
  • Under a hedge;
  • Around fruit-bearing shrubs.

Installation and maintenance

  • Can be applied at any time, providing the ground is completely thawed;
  • Apply in thick layers, directly on bare earth;
  • Loosen mulch around plant bases to prevent rot.

Ramial chipped wood can take 6 to 10 years to decompose. Generally, at this stage, plants are fully developed and no longer require any mulch.

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