The ideal ground cover for controlling weeds and conserving soil moisture. 

This is the absolute go-to natural product. It can be used virtually anywhere! Around trees, shrubs, hedges or fruit trees, and smaller annuals and perennials too, due to its fine, light and airy texture. Made from the shredded bark of hemlock or cedar (Thuja) trees, these mulches are available in various colours, fantastic for harmonizing with your chosen garden decor.

  • Natural
  • Brown
  • Brick Red
  • Black

Mulch ground cover

One mulch, so many uses!

There are only benefits to using hemlock or cedar mulch in mixed garden beds.

  • Keeps the soil cool and moist, reducing the need to water;
  • Discourages weeds, and the weeds that do appear are easier to pull out;
  • Reduces soil erosion;
  • Prevents soil from over-heating;
  • Brightens flowerbeds;
  • Provides organic matter to plants when decomposed.

Installation and maintenance

  • Apply immediately after planting;
  • Apply a generous layer of hemlock or cedar mulch, 10 to 15 cm, directly on the soil.
  • Loosen around flowers and other plants to prevent moisture build-up.
  • Combine and mix surface mulch to maintain its original appearance.
  • After four or five years, add a new layer of mulch, beginning with a generous amount of compost.

It’s normal for hemlock or cedar mulch to decompose after a number of years, even if these wood species are known for their slow decomposition rates compared to other trees. As the mulch decomposes, it can tie up nitrogen in the soil, depriving plants of this necessary mineral. You should monitor your plants for nitrogen deficiency (you may notice a yellowing of older leaves) and provide a supplemental nitrogen fertilizer when necessary.

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