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Pots and planters are an important decorative element when laying out the terrace or the backyard. Trends for combination, colour, height, style and shape

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Plant containers are necessary of course, but they’re also a means to add a whole new look to your garden arrangement. This season’s newest trends in plant pots open the doors on a world of creative opportunity.

1, 2, 3, Create!

Container gardening is booming. Embrace it! Collect a number of pots and play around with shapes, colours and height. To ensure some harmony in your garden decor, try to ground your approach in a particular theme; this can be the flowers you choose to put in your planters, a colour scheme, plant groupings, or really wherever your imagination leads you!

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Simpler, easier

Container and planter manufacturers are competing to develop options that will simplify our lives. Do you find yourself moving your plants around to either find the best sun exposure or to place them in the shade? Lightweight planters are your best option or even planters on wheels. Containers with an integrated reservoir system enable you to relax on daily watering, perfect for taking off for a weekend break somewhere. Drop by your local garden centre; you’ll be amazed at the choice.

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Container hedging

There is nothing like a hedge for creating a visual impact and privacy at the same time. No need to dig! Create a hedge with plants in containers. From the smallest to the largest or all the same size: it’s up to you. However, it might be a good idea to stick to the same container design to ensure style continuity.

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Up the contrasts

A light-coloured pot against a dark wall; a pot in a deep, sustained colour, or a striking, vibrant colour against a deep-shaded background; a container the same colour as the flowers in it: these are a few ideas that produce great results. Let your own style and imagination think up a few more.

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High-level gardening

Place containers up high – on stairs or a stepladder, or on stands of different heights. Make real use of your space and maximize your garden. There are so many possibilities! Try a collection of mismatched pots that still share a similar style or colour, or again put the accent on complete harmony with identical pots. It’s all a question of personal taste.

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Huge pots for huge effects

There is a trend towards size XXL containers. Aim big, really big with oval or square plant containers, or again, tall, narrow planters. Use the space you have available while maintaining your gardening priorities: flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables. This can be fun, because big pots equal lots and lots of plants!

Do you want to recreate some of these trends at home? Come by the store to view the possibilities available and catch up on some good advice: we’re there for you!

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