With the beautiful weather coming, take advantage of our discounts to colour your terrace and balcony.


Spice up your life!

Go ahead and plant sweet and hot peppers. They’ll liven up the vegetable garden and deck planters, and enhance the flavour of whatever you’re cooking!

Sweet pepper, jalapeno, habanero: what are waiting for!

Awesome annuals take centre stage!

Annuals are amazing for creating instant deck and yard makeovers. Infuse the summer with colour, be creative with shades and textures, and bring your own corner of paradise right to the back door!

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We may hate them, but they’re vital to lots of predators. So, in the interest of biodiversity, we need to learn to live with them. Solution? Natural insecticides! Plants that naturally repel mosquitoes are also attractive; plant them around the deck and enjoy your summer!

Disoveries of the month

basilic amazel 1

Amazel Basil

Amazel is an Italian sweet basil that is, yes, amazing! Grow these aromatic plants in borders and flowerbeds for foliage interest, or in containers on the deck. Amazel is heat-tolerant and resistant to downy mildew, and because plants are sterile and don’t produce seeds, their entire energy goes into producing gorgeous fragrant leaves. Bonus? The more leaves you pick, the better it will grow!

Oxalis Hybrid
Oxalis Hybrid 'Charmed Wine'
Osteospermum Ecklonis
Osteospermum Ecklonis 'Zion Purple Sun'
Penstemon 'Dakota Burgundy'

Pure inspiration

berry_blue_07_0 1

Berry Blue

Verbenas, impatiens, and trailing dichondra in a cheerful confusion of pink and purple shades. A treat for pollinators and a feast for your eyes too!