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Tillandsia Tectorum

Tillandsia Tectorum

Tillandsia Tectorum

This adorable air plant is a small, fuzzy, silver-white snowball! It features layers of the softest looking trichomes, making it a statement plant if ever there was one. Native to Ecuador and Peru, Tectorum can be found growing among cacti on rock outcroppings in rugged, arid regions. Drought-tolerant and able to withstand direct sunlight. In fact, they require no soil, only water, sunlight and airflow. Important: one gentle misting per week is adequate. Less often in humid conditions, more often in dry ones, but never submerge the plants in water. Good air circulation is required. A dry, warm environment is optimal, with temperatures between 10C and 35C. Mature Tectorem will produce a pretty, lavender-coloured flower in the spring. This is a low-maintenance, novice-friendly plant! Display them on their own or in a terrarium.

Plant details
Indoor and Tropical Plants
FilteredPartial ShadeShade
6 to 10 inches
3 to 7 inches

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