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Capsicum Chinense 'Super Khi'

Super Khi Pepper

Piment ꞌSuper Khiꞌ

Super Khi was named after the Vietnemese word for ‘vital force’ and ‘Chi’ in the Chinese spelling is the main thought behind traditional Chinese medicine. The Super Khi pepper plant not only produces an abundance of hot chili peppers, it is also a gorgeous ornamental plant you can use to bring a splash of edible colour to your garden! Plants require a long growing season (75 days). Peppers turn red when ripe and mature at 1 ½ in. long.  Start your plants indoors and transplant outside when the soil is warm enough. Container growing is another option, and ideal for urban gardens. Super Khis have a semi compact growth habit and the container needs to be big enough to allow the roots to spread (tip: too big is never a problem). Make sure the container has adequate drainage, and plant in quality potting soil. Enjoy your home-grown Super Khi peppers in soups, chilis and hot sauces. Bring your plant indoors (zones 9 and under) before the first frost if you wish to keep it as a house plant.

Plant details
Vegetables and Herbs
SunnyPartial ShadeShade
Up to 25 inches
18 inches

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