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Solanum tuberosum 'Ratte'

Potato 'Ratte'

Patate 'Ratte'

A lovely yellow, smooth ‘fingerling’ potato, the Ratte was first bred 150 years ago in France, where it remains a boutique favourite for both its flavour and texture. The shape is slightly curved, with a fairly even outline, and it is actually 2-4 times the size of a finger! The flesh is waxy and firm enough to hold even when overcooked, and La Ratte is prized in almost every serving manner possible, from salads to soup base to broiled on its own. Plus, it has more vitamin C than most potatoes. Rattes like full sun but any type of soil (the received wisdom in France is that the flavour is affected by the soil, just like wine grapes). Plants will grow to approximately 2 sq. feet and require approximately 4 months to mature. One harvest only. Pick carefully; the skin is delicate.

Plant details
Vegetables and Herbs
SunnyPartial ShadeShade
50 cm
15 - 22 cm

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