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Capsicum Chinense 'Habanero Orange'

Orange Habanero Pepper

Piment ꞌHabanero orangeꞌ

Habanero means ‘from Havana’ and Habanero peppers (Capsicum Chinense) are HOT! The classic “Orange” habanero ripens to a bright orange colour and is a popular ingredient in salsas, sauces, curries and chutneys where intense heat with smoky-fruity overtones are desired. Be careful when handling: contact with your eyes or other sensitive areas can cause severe skin irritations. Habanero plants are decorative and bushy, with oval, deep glossy-green leaves. They also require a long growing season – up to 90 days to reach maturity – so unless you live in South America or a similar climate, you’re best to start your plants indoors. Transplant outside when the soil is warm and seedlings have at least six mature leaves. Covering the soil in black plastic mulch to fit around the plants will reduce weeds and help keep the soil warm. Flowers are white to green, and peppers will grow to 1 1/2 in. long. Watering should be deep but not frequent, which will also reduce the risk of blossom rot. You can harvest your peppers green or wait until the develop their full orange colour, which will increase both their flavour…and spiciness level!

Plant details
Vegetables and Herbs
SunnyPartial ShadeShade
18 to 24 inches
16 inches

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