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Drosera (Genre) - Assortiments

Drosera (Genus) / Sundews - Assortment

Droséra / Rossolis (Genre) - Assortiments

The Sundews are carnivorous plants that lure their prey into leaf traps with sweet-smelling nectar exuded by tiny little plant hairs, called trichomes. Once trapped, the plants break down the flesh of the insects with their digestive enzymes, extracting the nutrients. After the insect has been digested, the leaf unfurls to reset the trap. Relatively rare, most carnivorous plants require boggy conditions with plenty of sunlight. The scientific name drosera is from the Greek "drosos," which means dew, or dewdrops. The English name sundew comes from the Latin ros solis, meaning "dew of the sun". As houseplants, they require particular care: continuously wet, well-draining soil –  ideally a 50/50 mixture of peat moss and sand – access to direct sunlight, plenty of water and a terrarium to maintain high humidity. Oh, and don’t forget to feed your plants: at least one insect per week!

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