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Ceropegia woodii

Chain of heart / String of Hearts

Chaîne de cœur

This hardy vining succulent flowering plant native to South Africa makes an outstanding house plant. Leaves are deep green with variegated bluish-silver markings, and pale maroon underneath. Most distinctively, they are also heart-shaped – thus the names Chain of Hearts, String of Hearts and Sweatheart Vine. New growth and stems are slightly pink and wiry. Leaves appear on straight-hanging vines with long internodes (the space between the leaves which are arranged in pairs opposite one another). Flowers often appear on plants kept indoors, pale magenta with deep purple centers. Plants can be placed outdoors in light shade through the summer, but must be brought back inside before any hint of frost in the fall. Drought-resistant and easy to maintain, plants like to be watered generously then allowed to dry out. Plant in cactus potting soil. Makes an excellent hanging plant.

Plant details
Indoor and Tropical Plants
IndirectPartial ShadeShade
4 feet

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