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A lively interior for the new school year

Best indoor plants to liven up your space and plant care tips

Discover our autumn magazine

BOTANIX Best Picks

Plants to spice up your containers and flowerbeds

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Gardener's idea book

Trends, horticultural novelties and inspirations for a flowery and colourful yard

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Get inspired!

Design, aesthetics and quality, that's what describes the collections you will find in our garden centres. Express yourself, because there's no place like home.

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Attention gardeners: it's time
to get your hands dirty!

Seeds are front and centre for a new gardening season

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The excitement of new seeds

You might feel like putting your shovel straight into the soil, although you should hold off and plan your garden before doing so. Where, when, how and what to plant? We're here to get you started!

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Urban gardens

Do you want a vegetable garden? Grow all the space you have. Discover tasty varieties suitable for growing in pots or directly in the flowerbeds.

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Flavour at your fingertips

The pleasure of having fresh herbs or berries on hand to enhance our favourite drinks and dishes!

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Plante Interieur page circulaire

Our garden centres are overflowing with healthy green plants, succulents and beautiful pots.

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