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Viburnum opulus 'SMNVODR' 'Oh Canada'

'Oh Canada' Cranberry Bush

Viorne obier 'Oh Canada'

The name is explained by the foliage: new leaves emerge a vivid red and looking a heck of a lot like small little maple leaves! The serrated, lobed leaves mature to a beautiful chartreuse, then a gorgeous gold in the fall. Flamboyant white lace-cap flowers adorn the tops of branches mid-spring, followed by clusters of edible red berries by the time summer rolls around. Shrubs are very hardy, densely branched and with a rounded shape. Ideal in mass plantings, as hedges or screening plants, or anywhere in the landscape where all-season-interest can be appreciated. It requires average to moist soil which should not be allowed to dry out. Does well in urban conditions. Pollinators like them; deer do not.

Plant details
Fruit Trees and Small-Fruit Plants
SunnyPartial Shade
Zone4 - 9
1,5 - 2,5 m
1,5 - 2,5 m

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