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Fragaria ananassa 'Keoki'

'Keoki' White Strawberries

Fraisier blanc 'Keoki'

This is a ‘day-neutral’ strawberry variety, which means it was bred to produce flowers and fruit continuously from summer into fall, no matter how long or short the days are. This is a great option for strawberry lovers who would like nothing better than a continuous supply of succulent fruit all season long, rather than one time-specific crop. Keoki produces small white berries exploding with flavour, so much flavour in fact that bird netting is an absolute must if you don’t want to share your bounty! Plants produce a lot of runners, or stolons, which make them excellent ground cover as well. Well-drained and loamy soil is preferred; fertilize as necessary. Grow in the garden in areas sheltered from potential late spring frosts; raised beds are excellent, and containers are also an option.

Plant details
Fruit Trees and Small-Fruit Plants
SunnyPartial Shade
Zone3 - 9
15 - 20 cm
25 - 30 cm

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