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Ocimum Basilicum hybrid 'Amazel'

'Amazel' Basil

Basilic 'Amazel'
Basilic 'Amazel'

Wonderfully fragrant, delicious, gorgeous Italian sweet basil: presenting the amazing Amazel! This is an edible herb that can be used as a border plant, landscape plant, either for foliage interest or to be harvested for use in the kitchen.  Amazel’s reputation comes from the fact that it is resistant to downy mildew, a common disease in the basil world. Plants are sterile, so none of the plants’ energy goes toward seed production. Instead, the plants continue to produce a high yield of aromatic leaves all season long. In fact, the more you harvest, the better it grows! Plants do best in the ground, but container growing is also an option. Good heat tolerance.

Plant details
Vegetables and Herbs
Zone10 - 11
50 - 90 cm
30 - 60 cm

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