Hardiness refers to a code attributed to a plant based on its capacity to thrive through winter. It is a useful tool to help you choose the plants best adapted to the climate of your region in Quebec.

What is a plant hardiness zone

Agriculture Canada has identified 9 major growth zones ranging from 0 to 8. They have taken into account various elements such as:

  • Minimum winter temperatures
  • Duration of frost-free periods
  • Summer rainfall
  • Maximum temperatures
  • Snow cover
  • January rainfall
  •  Maximum wind speed

Zone 0 is the hardest and coldest. Few plants have this rating. A plant identified with this rating is grown in almost all areas.

In contrast, zone 9 is not very hardy and often associated with plants from the tropics. A plant with this rating, does not resist in the lower zones.

This index is affected positively or negatively by other conditions such as a microclimate, a wind corridor, an abundant snow cover.

What is my plant hardiness zone

When selecting trees, shrubs and flowers to incorporate into your landscaping, it is important to check the hardiness zone. This new map takes climate change into account.

Consult the map on the Natural Resources Canada website

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