Fresh and delicious, cucumbers can be enjoyed on their own, in salads and even cooked! Full of fibre, they are the darlings of our vegetable gardens. Cucumbers are a climbing plant. You can let it run on the ground or climb on a support or trellis.

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Some varieties to try

For a good all-around slicing cucumber:

  • Marketmore 76
  • Tourne-Sol Field cucumber
  • Straight Eight
  • Burpee Hybrid II
  • Bristol

An awesome burpless slicer:

  • Sweet Burpless Hybrid
  • Telegraph

For a small garden or to grow in a pot:

  • Spacemaster,
  • Burpless Bush
  • Bush Champion
  • Peticue

For a Japanese-style cucumber:

  • Suyo Long
  • Burpless No 26
  • Sweet Success

For delicious homemade pickles:

  • Homemade Pickle
  • Mathilde
  • Pickalot Hybrid
  • Arabian

Planting Tip:

Tall, trellised cucumber vines will shade other crops, so plant them along the north side of your garden, since the sun is usually coming from the south.

Garden companions:

tomatoes, spinach, basil, cabbages, marigold, thyme


Cucumbers contain an as-yet unidentified compound that a percentage of folks find makes them “gassy.” “Burpless” cucumbers cause less burping among taste-testers.

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