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Some plants and flowers needs vary and must be moved - inside, outside, shade or sun area. Use lightweight containers or with wheels.

Both herbs and many annuals are sensitive to changes in temperature and to cold in particular. So, if it’s early spring and you’re worried about frost, or late fall with winter just around the corner, containers that can be taken inside are a huge plus. You’d might as well use planters designed for this purpose.

DUO Pots

The DUO pot can literally move inside! Keep it handy on the kitchen counter and fill it with ready-to-use basil, mint, chives, tarragon, or cilantro. Like two pots in one, the gently curved kidney shape of the pot invites ‘buddy’ planting for a one-two punch of taste or colour.

It come equipped with a pair of scissors, so you can snip your favourite herbs at a moment’s notice. Lightweight, made of UV-resistant plastic, and available in a wide range of vibrant colours, all Duo pots feature multi-level drainage and large holes to prevent clogging

San Remo Pots

San Remo pots come on four wheels, which makes themeasy to move around. Available in various colours, they can easily harmonize with your decor. Embrace large-scale arrangements: you can change their position with a minimum of effort.

Plant Caddies

BOTANIX also carries plant caddies which you can use to increase the mobility of most plant containers.

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