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Take a look at our new collections of pots and cover pots for your houseplants

In need of a new decor? Your seedlings grow quickly? It's time to repot your indoor plants. Botanix has the biggest and newest collections of pots and cover pots. From timeless to colorful, our shelves are completely packed!

Go ahead and opt for a new look!

Solido Rose & Friends

Elegant simplicity meets a thick-walled shape which embodies the on-trend handmade look in all its glory. Without edges and angles, but with a lot of charm, it naturally finds its place in a calm interior design that emanates a soothing ambience.

Pot Plante Verte Rosea_Ebano-1
Pot Plante Verte Rosea_Ebano-1 large
Pot Plante Verte Rosea_Ebano-1 noir
Pot Plante Verte Rosea_Ebano-55
Pot Plante Verte Rosea_Ebano-5


Cheerful, playful and exuberant. Sunny colors that give energy to the interior. With elegance and sophistication these ceramic pots will fit every plant. From succulent to small cactus, from herbs to flowers these ceramic pots are the unique home they deserve. Arrange together to create small indoor gardens.

Pot Plante Verte Bolino 1_159334_1_2
Pot Plante Verte Bolino mint_03
Pot Plante Verte Bolino shiny black_01
Pot Plante Verte Bolino 165916
Pot Plante Verte Bolino_01

Buddha & Head

Natural basic shades. A series that feels at home in all sorts of styles. These pots create a stylish and cheerful atmosphere in the interior. Trendy and natural, with pleasant details. A single pot easily adds a new look and feel. 

Pot plante verte Buddha_03
Pot Plante Verte Buddha Head_04
Pot Plante Verte Dian_Buddha_01
Pot Plante Verte Buddha 164402
Pot plante verte Buddha_05


Playful and natural. Ideal for brightening up cupboards, tables and window sills. Handmade flowerpots are plants best friend. The series consists of small and medium sized flowerpots, hanging pots and decorative pots with animal figures. Ideal for brightening up cupboards, tables and window sills. With a sober look and elegant finish, Syb fits into many interior styles.

Pot Plante Verte Syb 2_164302_2_1
Pot Plante verte Syb 2_164305_2_1
Pot Plante Verte Syb 3_164302_3_1
Pot Plante Verte Interieur Syb 164302
Pot Plante Verte Interieur Syb goud_01


Nelis is a must-have! Graceful and elegant, but above all practical and responsible. It is braided by hand from beautiful 100% natural material. Nelis is stackable and super trendy. Nelis brings nature into your home. Makes your interior even greener. Yeah!

Pot Plante Verte Nelis-ice-blue_02
Pot Plante Verte Nelis green_01
Pot Plante Verte Nelis-ice-blue_04
Pot Plante Verte Nelis-ice-blue_09
Pot Plante Verte Nelis-naturel_04


Issa is a funky combination of weathered and elegant. Present your cheerful Bohemian style with red and pink flowers, and strong plants like Aloe Vera and Ficus Elastica, in yellow flower pots. Show your love of the earth with a blue flower pot and a Calathea Orbifoglia. Embrace your collector's mania and show off a collection of white pots and items with all different types of Monstera. This series fits any style, your style

Pot Plante Verte Issa light blue_01
Pot Plante Verte Issa light grey

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