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Sambucus canadensis 'Nova'

'Nova American' Elderberry

Sureau du Canada 'Nova'

Nova' is a self-fertile, highly productive, early-ripening variety of American elder developed in Nova Scotia in 1960. Incredibly versatile and well-loved plants, elderberry shrubs work as a hedge, shade plant, or simply for their delicious fruit. Elderberries make good, traditional jams, preserves and even wine, but they’re recognized for their medicinal qualities as well: a cold syrup, tea for fever relief, or an old-fashioned poultice. Who knew such a beautiful plant could be so useful! Signature white, flat-topped flower clusters appear mid-summer and provide nectar to bees and butterflies. Recognized as a super fruit, the tasty, dark purple berries that are so rich in vitamin C and high in anti-oxidants are popular with birds as well, so you’ll have to be quick to harvest them late summer, early autumn. Plants prefer moist soil, but they are fairly adaptable, winter hardy and generally easy to maintain. As the old saying goes: when you find your homestead, first plant an elderberry, then build your house!

Plant details
Fruit Trees and Small-Fruit Plants
SunnyPartial Shade
Zone4 - 9
1,5 - 3,5 m
1,5 - 3,5 m

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