As leaves adorn themselves in golden and scarlet hues, autumnal plants make their appearance, including the fall chrysanthemum. Their multitude of colours and resilience to cool temperatures make them essential for creating both brilliant and warm décors.

How to care for chrysanthemums

It's important to note that not all chrysanthemums are hardy in Quebec. Several varieties are grown as annuals, while others behave as perennials. Inquire during purchase. These maintenance tips apply to all varieties.

Sunlight: Chrysanthemums require a sunny exposure to fully flourish. Choose a location where they will receive at least 6 hours of sunlight per day.

Watering: Water regularly, allowing the surface of the soil to slightly dry between waterings.

Fertilization: Fertilize approximately every two weeks during the active growth period with a balanced fertilizer formulated for flowering plants.

Pruning: For abundant flowering, pinch the young shoots when the plant reaches a height of about 15 to 20 cm. This will also encourage a compact and bushy form. Also, remove faded flowers to promote continuous blooming.

Fabulous ways to decorate with mums

Here are some original and creative ideas for an autumn garden or a colorful interior:

  • Plant chrysanthemums of different colors in planters and place them at the entrance of your home to welcome guests with an explosion of autumn colors. Add a few pots on the balcony or terrace.
  • Use transparent glass vases to showcase chrysanthemums in your dining room or on the coffee table in the living room. Add elements like dried maple leaves for a more complete autumn ambiance.
  • Create autumn wreaths using dried chrysanthemums, maple leaves, and other natural elements. Hang them on your front door to stylishly greet your guests.
  • Arrange pots of chrysanthemums on shelves or coffee tables to add a splash of color to the interior of your home.
  • Enhance your staircase with pots of chrysanthemums placed regularly along the steps for a dynamic outdoor decoration.
  • Pair chrysanthemums with other autumnal flowers, such as asters and sunflowers, to create impressive floral compositions.

With proper care and a touch of creativity, you can incorporate these beautiful flowers into your autumn decor, whether indoors or outdoors. Enjoy their radiant beauty and charm to celebrate the season and welcome the changing landscape with style.