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Panicum virgatum 'Totem Pole'

Totem Pole Switch Grass

Panic érigé 'Totem Pole'

Ornamental grasses from the Prairie Winds collection were developed to lend texture and movement to the garden and landscape, and the Totem Pole Switch Grass is a total success! If you think tall and majestic when you hear “Totem pole,” that suits this plant to a T. Totem Pole Switch Grass forms an upright column of steel-blue leaves and powder-blue stems that will grow up to six feet tall. Switch grass is native to North America and gets its name from the “swishing” sound it makes in the wind.  This is a sturdy plant; unless the snowfall is extremely heavy, plants will remain standing through the winter and provide welcome cover for birds. Plant where height and vertical structure are needed: for screenings, mass plantings, in large containers. A cloud of golden flowers appears in the fall, beautiful when they catch the waning autumn sunlight. One of the easiest ornamental grasses to grow in full sun. Does well in any soil from sand to clay. Tolerant of exposed, windy conditions. Turns a lovely tan shade in winter. Cut back in spring before new growth appears.

Plant details
SunnyPartial ShadeShade
70 to 72 inches
28 à 30 inches
Late summer

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