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2023 collections of pots and cover pots for your houseplants

Our shelves are laden with the new arrivals! The 2023 collections of pots and pot covers have finally arrived. This year, designers and creators have exceeded themselves with products that are as beautiful as they are well-conceived. Superior design meets supreme durability! We hope that our selections will inspire you, filling you with fresh ideas. Let your new gardening projects begin with the ultimate pots and cover pots!

Surround your plants with beauty

Release your energy

We’ve been so careful over the past few years. But now? It’s time to break out of the Covid straitjacket and stretch our creative wings. Be bold and think big! Embrace the maximalist decor trend. Saturated, vivid colours, daring motifs, exuberant patterns. Let yourself be carried away. An eclectic taste is alive! Express yourself!

Pot-Cache-plante-interieur-Bild boston-ambiente
Pot-Cache-plante-interieur-Bild sevilla-ambiente
Pot-Cache-plante-interieur-Noud marrakesh_03
Pot-Cache-plante-interieur-Reza blauw_02

Biophilic design trend

We used to live much closer to nature. But cities, technology and modern life have driven a wedge into that relationship. Enter a brand-new concept: biophilia. Invite nature back into your life! Create a sense of harmony between your living space and the world outside. Incorporate plants to your indoor decor – large, small, hanging, or a whole wall of plants. Look to nature for inspiration: organic design motifs, ocean colours, natural materials and fabrics. Textures. Linen and wicker. Stone, wood, and sand. Create a decor that is both energizing and calming.

Pot-cachepot-plante recyclable-planter
Pot-cachepot-plante bettona_ambiente_01 (1)
Pot-cachepot-plante Jula 1_162372_1_3
Pot-cachepot-plante SoftWool_SilentGreen
Pot-cachepot-plante-Juna cognac_02

Ethical awareness

We are trying to be more aware of our environmental footprint. And of environmental equity. Which is why ‘green’ awareness is definitely on the rise. The new mantra? Reuse what we can, recycle, create using recycled products. We want to buy local and opt for products made from sustainable materials. Exit disposable life patterns harmful to the environment. Also, ethical manufacturing is at the heart of our day-to-day concerns.

Pot-cachepot-plante Jort shiny brown_02
Havana Tropical plastic-pot
Pot-Cachepot-plante basel_stone_ambiente_01
Pot-cachepot-plante Jane jungle_02
Pot-cachepot-plante Lauren copper_02

A touch of nostalgia

After months of forced introspection, we’re revisiting some design classics – familiar for some, a great discovery for others! Center stage: the decor trends featuring retro designs, art deco and the 1970s. Draw on your own childhood memories if you can! Soul space. Macrame plant hangers, terra-cotta pots, grandma’s dish set, raw materials. Hand-made is trending! Let your living space tell a story.

Pot-cachepot-plante ROSA-mietowy-pastelowy-róż
Pot-cachepot-plante  Kopia-MAGNOLIA-JERSEY
Pot-cachepot-plante Bild makramee
Pot-cachepot-plante Bild dallas_fayence
Pot-cachepot-plante-terracotta CL01_HR

Outdoor pots and containers for the terrace

Install your plant arrangements on the deck, on railings, on the wall: everywhere! Everything is now possible. This new generation of containers adapts better than ever to your land or your balcony. They are perfect for growing annuals and herbs, as well as creating beautiful flower arrangements and pots.

Pot-cachepot-plante-exterieur Malwa dłuto_Agawa dłuto
Pot-cachepot-plante-exterieur JUKA-DŁUTO-kremowy-2
Pot-Cachepot-pante-Exterieur Paula dark brown_05
Pot-cachepot-plante-exterieur LOBELIA-antracyt-nr-82_2


We use creative and original containers. We dare to add a metal or rattan pot that seduces us with the texture and finish. We keep in the same patterns and colours, because too much contrast leads to an imbalance.

Rotin pot cachepot plante Megan pumpkin_04
Metaux pot cachepot plante Dustin rose gold_01

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